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Stagecoach Lots and Subdivisions

These maps show roads and utilities that may or may not have been completed. Confirm any utility or access questions by contacting the county, SPOA, Morrison Water and Sanitation or other necessary sources before making any investment decisions based on what is shown.

Stagecoach – A residential resort community, located in the beautiful Yampa Valley and adjacent to the 1600 acre Stagecoach State Reservoir, is just a short drive from Steamboat Springs. The area offers hiking, biking, fishing, boating, skiing, and even dog sledding along with residential opportunities all in a beautiful natural setting. The planning includes over 2000 residential lots in 16 neighborhoods, common areas, and commercial zoning.

Stagecoach Recreation 

Stagecoach State Park

Stagecoach State Park sets the stage for great recreation in the lush Yampa Valley near Steamboat Springs.  Vistas and views are backdrops to the 820 surface acre reservoir providing renown lake and river fishing.  A year-round destination, the park makes a great base camp to explore the variety of festivals, sports, activities, and attractions of the area. Off-season and weekday visits are wonderfully serene, providing great opportunities to take pleasure in the land, water and nature without the crowds.  Cabin fever in the winter can be relieved by camping in one of the four electrical sites maintained just for winter camping. Winter is especially quiet, offering trails for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing to those seeking a less commercial experience.  In summer, water sports enthusiasts enjoy the many ways to recreate at the reservoir.   Stagecoach State Park Brochure

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Ski Mountain and Cross-Country Ski


The Ski Mountain – Ambitiously designed to be one of the largest ski areas in Colorado, Stagecoach Ski Area is known for disastrous funding issues that forced the partially-built resort to close down soon after its grand opening. This ski area operated briefly between 1972 and 1974, never fulfilling its initial designs and promise. It’s still remembered today for its 2,200 foot vertical drop as well as the hopes of the skiing and boarding communities to eventually revitalize the property.

There have been numerous attempts over the last few decades to push the owners of the land towards reopening Stagecoach, but it looks as if there are no current plans to open the ski hill again anytime soon. Though rumors pop up every few years about Stagecoach’s possible reopening, it remains to be seen if this ski area has a future in Colorado. It’s unique in that’s located on private land in Oak Creek, whereas most ski resorts are on leased land by the federal government.

Winter Ice fishing – Stagecoach is a popular ice fishing destination and currently holds the state record for northern pike. In October 2010, the reservoir was stocked with almost 30,000 trout.

Annually, a one-day ice fishing tournament is held.  The tournament is one of the largest in the state with more than 600 people.  They compete to capture the two largest trout.

To win the tournament, anglers must have the greatest combined length of two trout. Participants are able to go wherever they’d like on the lake, as it’s not a grid tournament.

In 2020 first place eared around $5,000 in cash, with second through 10th place also receiving money for their efforts. Top performers also received gear such as underwater cameras.

Stagecoach State Park Winter Loop cross-country ski trail – The 7-mile, 10-ft. wide loop trail is located on ice that is 20 inches thick and has a snow covering of 20 inches, which makes it perfect for cross country skiing or skate skiing.  The trail is accessible from the Keystone Day Use Area and Morrison Cove parking lot, and the parking lot along County Road 14.

Enjoy ice fishing, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, sledding, dog sled tours, winter photography, and bird watching during the winter season at the park.

Throughout the winter, Stagecoach State Park offers 8 miles of groomed trails that outline the reservoir and provide winter recreation. The Lake View Trail is 2 miles long and can be accessed from the Keystone Day Use Area or from the parking lot on Routt County Road 14. The 6-mile Elk Run Trail is used periodically by dog sled tours. The tour schedule is located at the tent in the parking lot on Routt County Road 16. Remember the winter trail etiquette rules: Nordic skiers yield to dog sleds, and folks on snowshoes yield to skiers.


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