Frequenty Asked Questions:

***Answers are believed to be true but information, rules, regulations and pricing are ever-changing. All buyers and sellers should verify current information directly with the source before making any investment or decision.***


Q:  Can I build on the lots in Stagecoach?

A:  Yes, but it may take road improvements at your own expense. See and scroll down to bottom right building links.

Q:  Is there water and sewer on the lot I want? 

A:  It depends on where the lot is located. Some lots need the installation of a well and sewer system.  Click Here to view maps of subdivisions and lots.   


Q:  Can I camp on my lot? Can I park a trailer/camper on my lot?

A:  See Article V for time limits and restrictions.

Q:  Is there a time limit that I have to build on my land?

A:  You do not need to ever build but you have 2 years to complete building from the date of your building permit approval.


Q:  If I have 5 acres, what does that mean?

A:  You can opt for a septic leach field instead of a vault system for grey and black water.


Q:  If I build in a remote area, will they plow to it? 

A:  Need to verify with SPOA.


Q:  Can I put a tiny home on my land? 

A:  There is currently a 1000 sq. ft. minimum on your residence but a discussion about reducing that minimum in certain areas. No current plans to allow tiny homes.


Q: What are the building restrictions?  

A:  Refer to SPOA website:


Q:  Can I have horses on my land? 

A:  See Article V for time limits and restrictions.

Q:  Can I own my own well permit?

A:   Yes, SPOA changed this with Morrision Creek W & S.


Q:  How many buildings can I have on my land?

A:   Refer to SPOA website:


Q:  Do I need a Survey?

A:  Only if you plan to build or would like your corners marked.


Q:  What roads are plowed in the winter?

 A:  Routt County plows: RC 16, CR 212, roads in South Shore, including some roads in Eagleswatch, Meadowgreen, Morningside, and Horseback subdivisions where homes exist.  Owners are responsible to plow themselves out on everything on the right side of CR16 below Morningside.  Please note: County does not plow Colt Trail or Hoch-Eye Way.  Both of these roads are plowed by either the property owners or who they have contracted to plow for them.

Q:  What is seasonal access?

A:  Road is not plowed in the winter. No exact dates.


Q:  Is the ski area reopening? 

A:  While this may happen in the future, there is no public plan to open the ski area.


Q:  What subdivisions have public water and sewer?

A:  One small area of Black Horse I, Black Horse II, some of Horseback, Eagleswatch, Meadow Green.


Q:  Will there ever be utilities in South Station I, South Station II?

A:  Possibly, but don’t plan on it.


Q:  Who is the cell phone and internet provider in Stagecoach area?

A:  Dish, Century Link, AT&T, Verizon have all been used. Cell through wi-fi. Wi-fi calling, boosters may also work and a land line. Zoom calls through internet service.

Q:  Where are the existing water and sewer lines and what roads are plowed by the County? 

A:  I have a map uploaded in my website under resources. You can also go to Routt County website: Public works> left side> Policies and Procedures> Road Maintenance> exhibit map.

Q:  Are there limitless well and vault permits?

A:  No, each subdivision has a finite number of permits available.

Q:  Where do I find all of the covenants for SPOA?



Q:  Who do I call to find out about costs for well permit and tap fees?

A: Morrison Creek Water and Sanitation:  970-736-8250 or visit:


Q:  Do any subdivisions have their own HOA in addition to SPOA?

A:  Stagecoach Townhomes, Wagonwheel Condos, Eaglesnest Townhomes, Red Hawk Village, Coyote Run and Neighborhoods at Young’s Peak.   A couple consolidated lots known as Meadowview at Horseback.  High Cross has their own HOA completely and is not a part of SPOA.












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