Frequenty Asked Questions:

***Answers are believed to be true but information, rules, regulations and pricing are ever-changing. All buyers and sellers should verify current information directly with the source before making any investment or decision.***


Q:  Can I build on the lots in Stagecoach?

A:  Yes, but it may take road improvements at your own expense. See and scroll down to bottom right building links.

Q:  Is there water and sewer on the lot I want? 

A:  It depends on where the lot is located. Some lots need the installation of a well and sewer system.  Click Here to view maps of subdivisions and lots.   


Q:  Can I camp on my lot? Can I park a trailer/camper on my lot?

A:  See Article V for time limits and restrictions.

Q:  Is there a time limit that I have to build on my land?

A:  You do not need to ever build but you have 2 years to complete building from the date of your building permit approval.


Q:  If I have 5 acres, what does that mean?

A:  You can opt for a septic leach field instead of a vault system for grey and black water.


Q:  If I build in a remote area, will they plow to it? 

A:  Need to verify with SPOA.


Q:  Can I put a tiny home on my land? 

A:  There is currently a 1000 sq. ft. minimum on your residence but a discussion about reducing that minimum in certain areas. No current plans to allow tiny homes.


Q: What are the building restrictions?  

A:  Refer to SPOA website:


Q:  Can I have horses on my land? 

A:  See Article V for time limits and restrictions.

Q:  Can I own my own well permit?

A:   Yes, SPOA changed this with Morrision Creek W & S.


Q:  How many buildings can I have on my land?

A:   Refer to SPOA website:


Q:  Do I need a Survey?

A:  Only if you plan to build or would like your corners marked.


Q:  What roads are plowed in the winter?

 A:  Please refer to this MAP.

Q:  What is seasonal access?

A:  Road is not plowed in the winter. No exact dates.


Q:  Is the ski area reopening? 

A:  While this may happen in the future, there is no public plan to open the ski area.


Q:  What subdivisions have public water and sewer?

A:  One small area of Black Horse I, Black Horse II, some of Horseback, Eagleswatch, Meadow Green.


Q:  Will there ever be utilities in South Station I, South Station II?

A:  Possibly, but don’t plan on it.


Q:  Who is the cell phone and internet provider in Stagecoach area?

A:  Dish, Century Link, AT&T, Verizon have all been used. Cell through wi-fi. Wi-fi calling, boosters may also work and a land line. Zoom calls through internet service.

Q:  Where are the existing water and sewer lines and what roads are plowed by the County? 

A:  I have a map uploaded in my website under resources. You can also go to Routt County website: Public works> left side> Policies and Procedures> Road Maintenance> exhibit map.

Q:  Are there limitless well and vault permits?

A:  No, each subdivision has a finite number of permits available.

Q:  Where do I find all of the covenants for SPOA?



Q:  Who do I call to find out about costs for well permit and tap fees?

A: Morrison Creek Water and Sanitation:  970-736-8250 or visit:


Q:  Do any subdivisions have their own HOA in addition to SPOA?

A:  Stagecoach Townhomes, Wagonwheel Condos, Eaglesnest Townhomes, Red Hawk Village, Coyote Run and Neighborhoods at Young’s Peak.   A couple consolidated lots known as Meadowview at Horseback.  High Cross has their own HOA completely and is not a part of SPOA.












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